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Invest in Dhruva Residency, Investment in Dholera Smart city!

Residential Plots in Dholera SIR

Dholera Smart City is all set to be the next prime location of Gujarat with the area of 900 sq km. It will be one of the Largest smart cities of India. RoyalInfra Dholera Provide Premium Residential Plots at Dholera Smart City in Gujarat. RoyalInfra Known For Making world class architectural Buildings at Smart City Dholera. RoyalInfra policy is that first do N.A. NOC title clearance and only after that launch new projects. We offer a plethora of options in the Plots in Dholera Smart City Gujarat like Residential Plots, Villas, Bungalows and Smart Value Apartments so don't lose to chance in dholera plot booking. best dholera investment opportunity to book your premium location Residential Plot.

Dholera Smart city is a major project which aims to making a global manufacturing hub supported by world class infrastructure and technology. Dholera Smart city project is the first preference in India for multinational companies and businesses. Today Dholera is the prime location for real estate investment in Dholera SIR, Gujarat, India. Dholera Special Investment Region (DholeraSIR) is envisaged to be a world class destination with opportunities for setting up of manufacturing units which will helps in increasing the industrial outputs of our country and create new jobs besides providing an environment for work, live, learn and play.

Dholera Plots

Dholera Smart City

Planning to buy land, you should go for Dholera Smart City. Dholera Real Estate is booming because it is the first smart city in India.

Dholera Residential Plots

Dholera Residential Plots

Planning to buy land, you should go for Dholera Residential Plots. Dholera Real Estate is booming because it is the first smart city in India.

Dholera Commercial Plots

Dholera Commercial Plots

Planning to buy land, you should go for Dholera Commercial Plots. Dholera Real Estate is booming because it is the first smart city in India.

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Dholera Smart City is one of the biggest projects that comes First smart city in Gujarat. This development project aims to make this location a global manufacturing hub with the help of high class infrastructure. Dhruva Residency is a Best Residential Project For investment in Dholera SIR. The complete focus of Dholera is on creating a world class city, improve investment options, enhance human skills and attract investors as well. Dhruva Residency is one of them where all premium location nearest dhruva residency like Dholera International Airport, Kastbhanjan Hanumanji Temple, Pipli Vataman Road, Fedra Pipli Road, 440kv Electricity sub station, Pipli watersupply station, Metro Route & 6 Lane Expressway. The Dhruva Residency, One of the Premier Development plotting Scheme in Kamiyala, located near Dholera. The Dholera Special Investement Region It has all the facilities, is the preferred choice in the residential segment meeting everyone's needs, expectations and aspirations. Dhruva Residency where you find yourself entrapped in peace and security, amidst natural serenity and religious piousness. Dhruva Residency with itself a world which is claim, relaxed, secured and prograssive.

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Location Advantages

  • Roads
  • 24x7 Electricity
  • 24x7 Water
  • Metro train
  • Temple
  • Airport
  • 02


    Near Pipli Vataman and Fedra Pipli highway
  • 440


    Near Electricity Substation
  • 365


    24X7 Water Supply
  • 02


    Near Metro Route & 6 Lane Expressway
  • 01


    Near Kastbhanjan Hanumanji Temple
  • 06


    Near Dholera International Airport

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